July 11, 2016

What Does QPOC Mean?

What does a Q.P.O.C. mean? Hey y'all what's up it's Anais how y'all doing? Back for another one and I really just wanted this video to be about one thing, understanding your true self, learning how to be comfortable with yourself and really knowing and understanding what self-love is. And I just, I felt like I wanted to do this video because I feel like I recently have come to terms with who I am and I don't know, I just felt like it'd be a good idea to make this kind of video diary or vlog about it.

July 4, 2016


- my random dream about rihanna
- where you can buy poop-related fireworks called "Sir Dumps A Lot"
- my candy haul

July 2, 2016

Am I Smarter Than A 1st Grader?

My little cousin thinks he's smarter than me?! Let's find out if I'm smarter than a 1st grader! We all know I'm gonna be the champ and squash his little dreams bwahaha! Basically, my version of "are you smarter than a 5th grader".

June 18, 2016

MY Fave 90s Disney Movies!

Blipster Tumblr Indie Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars

Yes!! These are my ultimate, favorite, top 5 ride or die Disney movies from the 90s ! I LOVE these movies soo much! Top 5 Top 5! These movies gotchuuu whenever you want to smile, laugh, sing and dance! WATCH THE VIDEO !

June 12, 2016


QTPOC QPOC POC OPEN CALL ! Blipster Tumblr Indie Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars

OPEN CALL! πŸ’–Looking for any #QTPOC #QPOC fashion designers, brands, artists, fashion folks to feature on the blog + social πŸ’– Send an email with a link to your site/store envy/ portfolio etc. or just attach some of your work (around 3-5 images, files) Use subject line: WE OUT HERE πŸ’– Thanks Y'all ✨πŸ’…πŸΎπŸ¦„πŸ’• Excited to feature uuu😘

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