December 18, 2012

*Polyvore* Drunk Rascal Camping

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I know it's only Tuesday but I can't wait to go camping this weekend! My friends and I are heading out to Bear Island for what I like to call 'Drunk Rascal Camping' which I actually wrote an article about for Miami New Times, which includes some recipes for quick tasty bites by the campfire.

Why am I calling it Drunk Rascal Camping? Umm..because we all get together and act like the happy primal selves we yearn to regress back to. Let's embrace our wild nature and frolick amongst the trees with a little Yuengling clasped firmly in our grips!

Oh! Here are some links from my other site if you guys are looking for cool places in South Florida to tent camp or cabin camp.

And here's what's I'll pack:

- Camel colored striped sweaterhere's a Dior one that looks like the one I'll bring
- My Tripp NYC patch leather pants, that pretty much look like these
-Ray-Bans eyewear yo for my eyess
Stanley Thermos for some drank (hot cocoa if you're under 21, and yum! even if you're 21+)
- A super comfy flannel button down like thisss one
- And some wellies because who knows what weather we'll run into, and even if it's clear out, they're comfy and protective from rough terrain

I'll show you guys what the actual outfit looks like closer to the day of because I just realized there's no way to tell by looking at this pic or links! Hope I didn't forget/leave anything off this list!

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