December 14, 2012

Shooting Stars

Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars in a Forever 21 top, Old Navy olive pants and Forever 21 beanie and boots watching a meteor shower

killian beer in the darkness

Last night was the Geminid meteor shower so my friends and I headed South to Homestead Biscayne National Park to do some stargazing. The park of course is closed after sundown, but they had a nice open area by the entrance that worked out perfectly and gave us the perfect 360 view of the sky.

We saw tons of shooting stars, laughed over some Killians and got really creeped out when we heard some noises coming from the nearby canal. We packed in under a minute and spent the rest of the time cozy in the car with our heads out the window to watch the last few shooting stars of the night.

Sorry I don't have any star trail images! I forgot my tripod so I couldn't end up doing it, but I think we're going camping soon, so I'll be sure to give it a shot then. :>

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