January 3, 2013

*Polyvore* Aggy Abbey

Agyness Deyn for Doc martens inspiration board on polyvore

Is anyone else obssessed with Agyness Deyn? I've always loved her adrogynous style for as long as I can remember. She always seemed so bad ass to me, but quietly so, like a simmering pot of bad assedness? 

Anyhoo! Check out her collaboration with Doc Martens. What's not to like right? All that leather, rubber and suede. I really believe you could wear a pair of Docs every day of the year. I'd like to buy each and every one....sigh. 

Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens Ankle Boot - Ox Blood (hate that term) - UO - $170

Thank you Urban Outfitters for always keeping rad things in stock, and selling cool merchandise. I know people put them down all the time for "trying to hard" but I guess I root for them now that they're the underdog in some circles. :> Or maybe I just like to play devil's advocate.

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