January 3, 2013

Could The Fashion Industry Be The Answer To The Everglades Python Problem?

python bag on haute look

I was browsing Haute Look and saw the "Exotic Skins Handbag Blowout," and started thinking about the explosion in the burmese python population in the Florida Everglades. I know animal rights activists will be in an uproar about this idea...but...what if the fashion industry focused their energy on that particular area of South Florida to create new handbags and whatnot while also reducing the numbers  of pythons that are currently present there.

I can see it now, fashionistas knee-deep in the murky brown waters. Their eyes darting every which way in search for the material for their new Prada pumps. 

Look, all I'm saying is we've got a problem here, and I think some craftiness and designing skill can be the solution. 


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