January 6, 2013

In Love With: Gothic Maxi Dresses From E Fox City

gorgeous maxi dress from e fox city

gorgeous maxi dress from e fox city

gorgeous maxi dress from e fox city

gorgeous maxi dress from e fox city

There's something about a flowy dress that makes anyone wearing it look effortless and elegant. I've been obsessed with maxi skirts and dresses for a while. They're the perfect alternative to wearing long pants or jeans (if you're a pants and jeans kinda kid, which I am).

I stumbled upon this great online clothing shopping website called E Fox City! They have the most affordable clothing that looks so cute, and could easily be mistaken for designer. They really cater to everyone and have mens fashion, bridal wear, cheap prom dresses for 2013 cheap fall dresses (which is how I found that awesome one in the pics above), and the list goes on and on. I truly believe that you should invest in high quality items like your shoes and purses, but clothing is always changing so it really doesn't make sense to buy designer everything head to toe. It's way more fun to mix and match to really show off your creativity.

Anyhoo, I just really love this long sleeve flowy Gothic looking dress. It seems really comfortable, edgy yet lady-like all at the same time. Who could ask for more in one item?

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