January 9, 2013

*How To* Interview Guests For Your Blog

John Caignet of Jolt Radio friend of Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in the Jolt Radio studio.
My friend John Caignet, of the local indie radio station Jolt Radio!

As a blogger, be it fashion or any other topic, you might choose to interview guests for your blog. Here are some steps on how to get started!

Step 1 Find someone interesting to interview! You might already have someone in mind, but is that someone a master in their field or have something interesting to say?

Step 2 Send them an Interview Invitation! I like to visit their website or blog and see what they're about before I approach new guests. It's also a good way to see if they've done interviews before, (you can usually find this info in their 'Press' section). Ideally, you'd like to ask them questions other interviewers haven't asked them before.

Step 3 Interview them! Once you've made contact (through email or contact form, and keep it simple; a quick hello, compliment, and why you want to interview them works well) either set up a date/time to meet up personally for the interview OR send them the interview questions by email. I usually like to send them in a .doc or .pdf file (take a look at my Interview Package to get some ideas). If you're meeting up with them, then just print it out.

Step 4 Produce the Interview! This means take their answers and write them into a post, either in a Q&A style or in an editorial format, which basically means writing a story on your subject and using their quotes to bring in another voice, and to clarify, or reiterate points you're making. Producing the interview also means, editing any audio, video and photography you've taken for that particular interview.

Step 5 Post the Interview! Simple as that. Make sure you read over it to check for spelling errors (I've done this! Everyone's done this!) Also, be sure to send a followup email to your guest letting them know the post is live, and include a link if you like. Also, thank them for their time and share any social media links you have that you'd like them to follow.

That's all there is to it! Good luck my friends :>

And because I can't help myself I wanted to share the song I'm listening to as I write this post. Warning: It's addictive, and will end up on repeat in your mind lol.

Yelle - S'├ęteint le soleil (Mirabel Remix)

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