January 16, 2013

I'm So Happy To Be Signed By The Green Agency!

Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars in a yellow BDG cardigan, white American Apparel tank, 1st kiss pants and mossimo pumps
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Tank: American Apparel, Pants: 1st Kiss, similar, Shoes: Target-Mossimo

So I am SOOOOOO excited to share the news! I've just been signed by a model & talent agency called The Green Agency. I was invited to come in for an interview and was so nervous I never said a word about it to anyone! 

So what did I do to prepare for this interview?

  • Prepared a 1-minute dramatic and comedic monologue
  • Took a (not so great actually) head shot that listed my stats (height, chest, waist, hip, shoe, dress sizes.
  • Created an acting resume (which is different than your standard resume)

I should back up a little bit to explain what steps I did before the interview itself. I actually emailed this agency as well as some others with a few snap shots of myself from events and other fun things I do on my blog. I think I sent about 4 pictures (not all the same, some close up, others full length, smile/no smile). I was open and honest about what I do (blogging, multimedia production, etc.) And that was all. I received a call to come in for an interview about a week after I sent the email in.

I wore something simple to the interview because I read that simple and classic is best. I think it might help agents to see you as a blank canvas. So, yes I wore this yellow cardigan from Urban Outfitters, with an American Apparel tank and these soft 1st kiss black pants with some patent Mossimo pumps I got from Target a while ago. I wore very light makeup, had freshly washed hair, fresh breath (c'mon guys be clean lol) and light perfume.

When I walked in I filled out some forms that basically asked what my sizes were and my contact information. I waited a little while, then was called over to meet the owner Lauren Green. I took a seat next to her desk and she asked me some of the work I'd done (arts & culture reporter for WLRN, which helped in having voice over experience). She asked me about my blogging and I told her along with the other agents how much fun it is. Also, The Green Agency is the only agency in Wynwood, which was a huge high point for me. I love the area so much and so many interesting people I interview and hang out with are located in this fun artsy area. 

Afterwards, I was asked to get new pictures taken, and was handed some paperwork welcoming me to the agency which included a freelancing contract, which I read over and signed. I was told about some upcoming work, I thanked everyone and left.

Yayyyyy! You have no idea how psyched I am! :>>>> I wish I could type a million smiles on here. I'm so happy. 

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