January 11, 2013

Nautical Cowboy

Sweater: Vintage Ralph Lauren, sorta kinda similar (tried my best!), Pants: 1st Kiss, similar , Boots: Matisse

If you guys follow my tumblr, you'll already know about this amazing town center I happened upon that is just the loveliest place. It has ocean views, gorgeous modern architecture and huge open grounds (yes with frisbee golf!).

On a cool wintery day I stopped by with my pro photographer bf to take a few snaps. I wore this vintage Ralph Lauren turtleneck, with 1st kiss pants and some chocolate colored Matisse boots (all the links are in the photo caption in the pics above :>). It was nice to just be outside and feel the cool breeze, and the roof view sorta reminded me of being a cruise ship. 

Kisses- Midnight Lover

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