January 8, 2013

Ombré Hombre

Ombre tights and leggings created by Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars on Polyvore.
Ombre lives into 2013! Aren't we all excited? Most of the tights shown above can be found on Etsy for around $50. 


Who else has ombre tights? Take a look below to see.
ombre tights by anthropologie

Anthropologie has this muted pair of ombre tights for a very wearable everyday look. It does sorta have this uneven tan look going on but if you're dipping your toe into the trend, this is probably a great way to test it out! 

ombre tights by nasty gal

NastyGal has a bright pair of ombre tights for you! These fuchsia/charcoal tights are perfect to add a little zing to a casual outfit. I'd pair this with an off-white top, like this one by Free People, or maybe a neutral colored sheer top with a dark colored leather skirt, maybe something in burgundy just to mix it up a bit more.

Ombre tights by Vintage Lady Sexy on Ebay for $5

If you're looking for a something a little more affordable you can always get these ombre tights from Vintage Lady Sexy - Ebay for just $5! Cheap tights that look pretty awesome! Tights get holes in them anyway, why spend a fortune right?!

I've been listening to this Bibio track while I write this post! Love it, he studied sonic arts when he was at university in London. I'm really liking this track :>

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