January 3, 2013

Blogger Battle Gear

Fashion bloggers need computers
Fashion bloggers need clothing
Fashion bloggers need smartphones

Fashion bloggers need other stuff

What kinda things do you need to be a successful blogger? I dunno, but here's what I'd recommend. I'm sure these are all things you could've guessed at (hey! no one said it'd be cheap!) All in all it'd come out to about $3,500, which includes the most expensive tools (laptop, software, camera, lenses). The good thing about most of it is that they are now assets. You can totally turn around and sell it all and pretty much get 50-75% of your money back. I'd say it's a good investment, with high return!!

I took these pictures with the most important tool which you can't see, my camera! I have a Nikon D3200 which I'm pretty much in love with. Also, practice your writing wherever you can, that always helps. You might also wanna invest in some business cards. I like to get mine off Moo because I likes the quality, but don't get me wrong I've been a VistaPrint girl before, and would love to know of other cheaper "Moo-like" options.

Actually, I was wrong when I said the most important tool is your camera! The most important tool is you. Your swanky, stylish personality I mean. That's what people really wanna dig into, but the other stuff helps too.

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