January 23, 2013

Favorite Ways to Shop Online

I wanted to share my favorite online shopping websites with you guys! I really dislike crowds so shopping at the mall is something I try to avoid at all costs. The only time you'll find me at a mall is early in the morning on a weekday when I know it'll be empty. 99% of the time, I shop online...for literally everything. I thought I'd share some of my favorite sites. :)

All of these sites have affordable prices and great items! 

Take a look and online shop til you drop.

Why is Bib + Tuck so awesome?! Because you get awesome clothes for FREE! Yes, I really do mean for free. There's no tricks here. It's an invite only website, but you guys can use the Invite Code: Noodles to join now.

I've been shopping at ASOS for a loooong time. I actually found out about it when I was living in the UK (I was only there for about 8 months). They have the best clothing and accessories. Another store I wish they would open in the US is Primark. It's basically the UK version of like a Forever 21, but at way lower prices. I'm talking like $5 USD for an amazing dress or something. Ugh...can't wait until they launch a store here.

What do I buy on Haute Look?! SHOES, SHOES, SHOES! They have the cutest shoes at like half the retail price. They post items as "events" and when you sign up for daily newsletters you'll see what they're offering on a daily basis. Why is this convenient? Because the items get sold out within minutes, so it's nice to have a reminder so you can speed click your way to a new outfit.

This is pretty much like shopping on steroids. You can literally search for WHATEVER you want, and BOOM there it is. This is a dangerous website. You will go broke, but you'll look awesome.

So I'm not on here thaaattt much, but when I am I see they have great clothes and decent prices. Check their sale items, because they're always good. Zara to me is like the older stuck up sister of H&M. She's all about being finessed and tailored down to the T, and you hate how fabulous she looks.

Some other places that are prettayyy good are Go Jane, Nasty Gal, and obviously Forever 21.

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