January 21, 2013

// Interview // Bib + Tuck

Sari A and Sari B of Bib and Tuck with invitation code from Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars

Imagine you had the power to pick clothing straight out of the worlds most stylish closets. Now imagine you didn't even have to leave your room to do it. Well, Bib + Tuck is ready to make those dreams come true. And the best part?! It won't even cost you a dime to get yourself those lovely threads! 

I actually met one of the co-owners, Sari Azout, at The Fashion Exchange event, and she told me all about this amazing website.

Introduce yourself and let us know whose on the Bib + Tuck team.

I graduated from Brown University in 2010 and took a job in finance because frankly, someone had to pay the bills. By the bills, I mean the entire Spring 2012 Phillip Lim collection, of course. 

After two years on the trading floor, I decided I would rather trade clothes than 30-yr bonds. So I finally ditched the whole lunch on the desk scene and got down to business with Bib + Tuck, a labor of love. We are currently a team of five – me, my co-founder, a creative director, and two web developers.

Could you briefly explain the inspiration behind Bib + Tuck? 

Sari B and I met in preschool, and we’ve been close friends ever since. When she graduated NYU and I graduated from Brown, we both moved into the same building in  NYC. 

As recent grads living in the same building in NYC with no closet space to spare, having access to each other’s wardrobes meant we suddenly had endless options. 

After experimenting with our own closets, we decided to join forces and bring this sharing to digital life. Bib + Tuck proposes a platform where you can post the pieces you’ve lightly loved, impulse purchased, or just changed your mind about, and have them fund your next find. It’s barter people, welcome to the sharing economy.

What are some benefits of using Bib + Tuck as opposed to more traditional methods of vintage shopping?

Bib + Tuck is shopping without spending! It is also a curated community of cool people where you don’t have to spend hours going through pages of mom Jeans and Juicy sweatpants to find something you like. 

I tried consignment stores but I felt taken advantage of. I tied eBay but it became a full-time job riddled with scam artists and frauds. Bib + Tuck is the solution to our buyer’s remorse without compromising the bad-itude of our closet.

How can someone join Bib + Tuck? 

They must be invited by a current member, or receive an invitation code. Your readers can sign up using invitation code: noodles  

Thanks so much for chatting with me Sari! You guys should definitely check out Bib + Tuck

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    1. Thanks Milex! :> This is probably my new fav way to shop vintage!

      Your style is wicked awesome btw! :B

  2. great post honey, i want to go this shop!


    1. Thanks Tere! You can join right now! :) You have great style so I'm sure you will have a lot of fun on http://bibandtuck.com ! Just use the invite code: NOODLES to sign up :) Enjoy!


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