January 29, 2013

Miami Fashion Week

Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week photography by Cameus Chicoye

With all of the excitement about New York Fashion Week coming up in about a week, I started to think about what Miami has to offer by way of fashion runway excitement. 

As you might already know, there's Miami Fashion Week in late March, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Swim in early April and there's also the Miami Metropolitan Fashion Week in April. Then there's Funkshion Fashion Week in October too.

By the way! If you wanna check out all your favorite designers and watch NYFW LIVE from the comfort of your room then check out this site. For those without the cash and connections, or just those who are sitting this fashion week out, you can enjoy all the fabulous designs while saving a buttload (I say buttload, not boatload, whatevah) of cash.

What was I listening to while writing this post? New Tame Impala's killer track, Mind Mischief.

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