February 14, 2013


Hey Guys! I've been in the kitchen all day preparing a lovely little meal for my special fellah. I can't say what I'm making because he might be reading this lol GET OUTTA HERE BEN!!! lol Maybe he's home picking his nose or listening to music and not even looking at this, but you can never be too careful when it comes to surprises!

Anyhoo! While I'm slaving away, I wanted to share my latest radio show with you all! It's not a mushy Valentine's Day playlist, but a fun one because today is about life and love, and that means loving your life! 

So enjoy, dance around, have some FUNNNNN guys! And if you're not with someone today, then SO WHAT, you're totally awesome just by being who you are right this moment, and if you ARE with someone then that's cool too, you can both be awesome! Either way, have some fun today and enjoy yourself wherever you are, whatever you're doing!

                            Jam Garden Sessions 1  

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  1. Valentines day already past here in tokyo, still nice playlist.
    Easier by grizzly bear was totally new for me, though I instantly fell. Love with that song, cheers for sharing
    Nana from na-ta-ri


Thanks for sharing! Ur Awsum :)

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