February 7, 2013

*Interview* Jessica Anderson

Fashion Designer Jessica Rae Anderson being Interviewed by Anais Alexandre who is a Fashion Blogger of Down to Stars

Miami's fashion scene is getting bigger and better every day. Wherever I go, there are groups getting together to work on new endeavors or meeting up to get the creative energy flowing. 

Jessica Rae Anderson is no exception to this. She's a seasoned fashion vet in the Miami scene whose creating a fashion network in Miami like none have ever seen before.

Introduce yourself and tell us what it is you do.

My name is Jessica Rae Anderson and I'm a Fashion Designer, Writer & Stylist, and CEO of Miami Fashion Network, LLC. Just call me the Martha Stewart of Fashion.

Tell us about who you write for.

I write for Examiner.com, covering the Miami Fashion scene including VIP fashion events, street trends and emerging designers. I also write for some glossy magazines, Bespoke and Loews luxury publications.

When did you first become involved in the Miami fashion scene?

Upon moving to Miami in 2009, I launched my fashion styling firm, http://www.jessicaraeanderson.com, and have since styled national commercials, editorial layouts, private clients, musicians, runway, etc.

designer and stylist jessica rae anderson styling a model on a shoot

What tips could you give to aspiring fashion bloggers to make their mark on their own fashion scenes?

Be in the know. Live, eat and breathe fashion. Attend events, take lots of pictures and keep your eyes fashionably open. Zone in and spot key trends as they emerge.

So I know you're working on a fantastic project called Miami Fashion Network. Could you tell us a little bit more about it?

It will merge fashion industry trade people in South Florida. Miami Fashion Network will serve as the creative hub of the apparel industry, and is one-stop destination for designers, wholesale buyers, stylists, retailers, fashion writers, models, fashion students, publications etc. 

We will have a special focus on emerging designers, new to S. Florida or those whom need to establish their business and break into the U.S. market and be an ultimate support for them from concept to production: helping them source fabrics, trims, sample rooms, etc. 

Miami Fashion Network will bring a true garment center to South Florida including a buyers market week where emerging designers can showcase their designs. Another great feature will be the Fashion job only section of the site. Another great feature of our website is it will cater to Latin America and be available in Portugese and Spanish in addition to English.

styled shoot by jessica rae anderson

Why did you feel something like the Miami Fashion Network needed to be created?

I was a successful Design Director in NY and when I moved to Miami, I found it hard to believe that there were no resources for designers. Not one collective place to find fabrics, trims or even fashion industry jobs. Even though Miami has all of these things and is still growing there is still not today one place where one can find them.

When will it officially launch? 

March 2013

Will there be some type of membership? Will it include a membership fee? 

Yes, there will be various levels of memberships depending on the needs of the designer or firm.

What fashion trend in 2013 are you most excited about?

At the moment, I am actually working on an assignment for in-room luxury Magazine for Sunglass trends. I am in love with the polarized colored mirror lens in sunglasses, splurge on green Oliver Peoples version or Ray Bans in various colors for a steal on this since it is HOT at the moment.

Are there any upcoming events will you will be participating in? 

Yes, please stay tuned for our launch event.

What's the best fashion advice someone has given you?

That would have to be a quote from my favorite designer, Coco Chanel, is “A girl should be two things classy and fabulous”

Thanks so much for chatting with me Jessica! I can't wait for Miami Fashion Network to launch!

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  1. How perfect is this? Loving the interview!
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  2. I can't wait to see the outcome of this network and I love the interview short and to the point.


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