April 25, 2013

Comfort Food

making caramel

now add the bananasssss

and top it on a store bought egg custard tart lol, semi-homeade :)

Have I told you guys I love to cook, almost as much as I love to EAT! I thought it was about time I share this other side of myself with you. So let's see, my favorite cooking shows are Barefoot Contessa, The Little Paris Kitchen and ofcourse Nigella's EVERYTHING, all of Nigella's shows are amazing. 

When I was little I use to think Nigella looked like a princess or something. I'd sit in front of the tv and try to imitate her cool way of talking and the little expressions she has. It was in my senior year that I started doing food photography which got me my first publication gig for Miami New Times (Miami's top alternative mag). 

I went around reviewing food trucks and worked my way up to restaurant reviews, etc. I still do them from time to time, but I have the most fun with food when it's me and a few close friends/loved ones in the kitchen having fun and eating yummy food. :>

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Thanks for sharing! Ur Awsum :)

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