May 28, 2013

Fairchild Tropical Garden

Dress: Forever 21, similar ~ Vest: WetSeal, similar ~ Jewelry: c/o EFoxCity ~ Shoes: UO, similar

mi madre

Had a blast this Memorial Day Weekend! My friends and I went to this crazy party at Chateau Doumar that was unbelievable. You can see pics from that on my instagram.

Then on Sunday I kept is relaxed and casual and took a trip to Fairchild Tropical Garden with my mommy. It's such a beautiful place. If you go I'd suggest taking the tram tour because walking will take you over an hour (trust me I walked the first time I went). All in all a perfect weekend. :)

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  1. These photos are so so beautiful! I would love to visit there!

    Juliette Laura


Thanks for sharing! Ur Awsum :)

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