June 25, 2013

// Warby Parker // Meridian Collection

It's officially Summer and that means road trips and outdoor adventures galore! One thing you've gotta have on hand are sunglasses that can keep up with you on your coast to coast escapades! 

I've been a huge fan of Warby Parker for ages. As a broke college student they offer up a slew of sleek sunglasses and prescription lenses all within practical price ranges. Now they've come out with a new collection just in time for our renegade Summer adventures with their Meridian Collection

I know at first glance they all look the same and seem to only vary in color but the collection has three key differences. 

The Exley's have a squarish shape to them and I could see the tomboy in me flying down the rode with them on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle. 

The Raskin on the other hand is more triangular and larger so I think they'd be perfect for sunbathing and blocking out the sun from all angles. There's nothing more annoying than having the sun blind you from your peripheral. 

My favorite though is the Flannery. It's like the goldilocks pair of the collection. Not too square, not to triangular...justtttt right! :) I'd wear mine everywhere, because Miami during Summer is all about being outside, on the road, jumping off tire swings, skateboarding and lounging out with your buds by the BBQ. 

Pick one or pick them all, either way you're guaranteed to choose a sick pair :>

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