August 14, 2013

Hello Hair!

So I've received questions on my hair care and decided to do a post on the products I use. My hair is pretty much 1/3 natural curly/coily/kinky and 2/3 relaxed hair. 

I've used tons of different brands and some I've really disliked, but I'm so happy to have found my "pot of gold" favorites! Lol, I call them that because they're all in these pretty gold bottles, and they each smell sooooooo great (like luxurious perfume) so I walk around smelling prettayyy prettayyy nice ;)

L'oreal Ever Creme Cleansing Conditioner (I use this as a shampoo) - $7
100% Aloe Vera Gel (for days when I just air dry, it helps define curls and stchuff) - $5

I get my products from ULTA or Target, but I'm sure you can find them everywhere.

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