August 22, 2013

*Feature* Teen Vogue

Boy, following Teen Vogue on Tumblr sure does pay off! I was just scrolling through looking for funny cat gifs to reblog when I spotted myself on their feed. Yay much?!

They did a fun little write-up on army jackets. Thanks Teen Vogue! Be sure to follow them on tumblr, and hey I'm on there too, with plenty of fat cat gifs. (Oh and here is that post with me in my thrifted army jacket!)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Thats awesome! Congrats! Army jackets are super cool, you totally deserve the feature in Teen Vogue!



  2. Oh! I also forgot to mention, if you want to be alerted by google whenever your blog or name is mentioned in the press you should sign up for Google Alerts! I use it and its really helpful!

    1. Hey! Thank you :) Yeah I do have google alerts but I don't think it came up because 'down to stars' and my full name aren't on the post. Maybe I should make a new one with 'Anais A.' just to cover my bases! lol :)


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