August 23, 2013

Things that make me happy!

Being Silly

Paola and I photoboothing at UO


Love burgers, fries and shakes!!! Pizza is a win too :)

My Friends

Ha ha ha! Fun times


My Blog & You Guys!

It really boils down to this. Photos, nature, talking, yapping, meeting people and learning! I love you guys! I love this blog. It's really a personal journal for me. When I work on this blog, I'm 100% present and authentic. This is me, completely genuine and authentic. 

I love when people send me questions, emails, whatever, especially on my Tumblr page (that's me uncensored).

I go out almost everyday to cool places in Miami, have some fun and take pictures of myself. I don't think I ever told you all explicitly but yes, I'm the one that takes my own pictures. It's like a journey everyday I go out the door and it's always felt like I'm bringing you all with me :) 

I'll stop emotional blubbering now, but I know you guys know what I mean. Kissies on your face!

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Thanks for sharing! Ur Awsum :)

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