September 9, 2013

Creature Comforts

Top: H&M ~ Shorts: Vintage, similar ~ Shoes: Mossimo, similar

If it were socially acceptable to walk around in just flip flops and maybe a huge comfy sweater when it's cold out I'd be a happy girl. I'm at my most comfortable in loose clothing and a lot of the time I find myself shopping for mens tees.

I went shopping online at H&M and bought some mens tanks which I never wanna take off. The fabric is really smooth and light. I feel like I could wear it to sleep or dress it up with leather shorts or however.  Do you guys ever shop menswear? Chances are you won't see other girls wearing the same thing which is a big plus for me, and if I run into a guy wearing my clothes I'm sure we'd become the best of friends and closet swap lol

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  1. Love this look! I love shopping in the boys section! I really like the whole masculine-femenine look and you find the best selection by borrowing from the boys! I really love wearing boy's shirts, blazers, sweaters and even shorts while adding my own girly flair. Its definitely the best way to stay unique! I love Garance Dore because she always borrows Scott Schuman's clothes and she rocks it!

  2. Oh man, totally on the same page then! :) And yes, Garance Dore can do no wrong lol


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