November 20, 2013

First Dates Outfit

So I'm no dating expert but I can tell you what I've chosen as my staple 'first date' outfit :) I know many fashion mags have rules about what you NEED to wear and blah blah blah, but for me, comfort is key. 

So I chose this look, which is comfy and a little sexy at the same time. Of course my personal taste skews a little more rebel than dainty which is obvious by this choice! :> Also, it goes without saying that you can switch up your date looks, c'mon ppl :D I'm just lazy I guess ha ha

Also, simple dating tips I can share.

1. Hang out in a public place. obvi.

2. Be yourself, because you're awesome!
3. Don't think about it like a date, just try to make a new friend :)
4. A low-key activity is always fun (i.e, grabbing coffee, drinks, hookah, etc.)
5. Just have fun! (Be present in the moment and try to have a good time, so ditch the non-stop texts/tweets/ig folks)

The items on this inspiration board aren't the exact items I wear but it's pretty close. Oh, and I know those look like knee high tights, but I wear the 'full length' kind that cover your butt and feet lol If it's more chilly where you are then I'd recommend a big grandpa sized grey knit cardigan, or maybe something navy with a funky pattern. 

I probably wouldn't wear a hat on a first date because it sorta looks like you're hiding your hair/head sorta, like there's a bald spot/weird head shape underneath lol. I say less is more when you're first meeting someone. 

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