February 10, 2014

\\ CCR \\ Comfy Daze

All clothing courtesy of California Christiania Republic, CCR

Let's face it, whenever I get home my main goal is to get comfy, ASAP! I literally tear off my clothes and throw em in a pile then immediately look for something soft, relaxed and loose fitting to lounge out in.

My face was ALL SMILES when I opened my package from California Christiana Republic or CCR and saw a box filled with loungewear so comfy you'd wanna live in it. 

The material of the shirts are so soft and light which is perfect for warmer days, and the onesies (or One Z's!!!) seriously. Seriously guys. I'm the type of girl that just randomly naps everywhere and it feels like I finally found the perfect companion attire lol They even had a onesie with a fur lined hood, soooo insta pillow! I'm so psyched for my board game/movie nights! :D

I wish I had someone take pictures when I was cartwheeling around the room in the hot pink onesie! Lol I almost ran into my brother. 

With this sweet laid back wardrobe I'll be hitting that snooze button a lot more often :)

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