February 11, 2014

\\ RUBY \\ Valentine's Day Lingerie Giveaway

Valentine's Day is coming up and everywhere you look the world is selling us love. This week I chose to focus on self love and my love for nature and the environment. I sorta feel like these are the things I really cherish at the moment and want to celebrate.

This brand called Ruby got in touch with me about a lingerie campaign they created focusing on exactly that; self love and love of nature. So their "Count Fracula" lingerie campaign highlights how the South African government recently gave oil corporations the go-ahead to explore for shale gas in the pristine Karoo region of their country. They chose to highlight this issue through a unique lingerie campaign.

They are giving away 5 of their lingerie sets! My favorite is the pastel tie-dye one. I'd probably wear it with high waist jean shorts and some sheer/lace long sleeve top over it :)

So if you're looking to feel sexy for someone special or just for yourself and you want it to come from a brand that loves our planet as much as you do, then Ruby has got what you need. Just enter through the rafflecopter gadget below :} Good Luck!

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