March 28, 2014

I Just Want To Be My Friend

Started listening to Jackson Browne's For Everyman album and it's so rich and soulful. I love good hearty folk music and this really hits the spot. Another album of his that a friend recommended was Late for the Sky which is equally as good. 

I like to tell you guys what I'm doing the moment I write these because it's just about the most honest thing I can give you. I like to share and be a genuine person, so filling you in on little tidbits of my day is a way for me to open up to you a bit more :)

Theses pictures were taken on a really fun day of adventuring. It started when I saw these old and loose fitting ASOS jeans in my closet and new it was gonna be a slouchy relaxed fit kinda day. So, I threw on this comfy metallic thread sweater with my favorite Go Jane gladiators. Then I went exploring, as I'm wont to do, and the light was just so great because of the grumbly grey day. 

I always feel like I can finally exhale when I'm alone in my little corner of the forest somewhere. It's when my heart comes alive and I can just let go.

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