March 19, 2014

\\ VOGUE INFLUENCER NETWORK \\ Cara Delevingne + La Perla

La Perla’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign is a colourful, sensual collection and one of my favorite models is the new face (and body) for it, Cara Delevingne!
I've always loved Cara's rebellious style and she's been a big inspiration for me. I'm also beginning to appreciate how sexy you can feel just by wearing lacey underwear. It's like a secret super power or something! You guys really need to test it out. Even if you just woke up in yesterdays grunge studywear with your hair still wild and coffee stains on your jeans you'll walk around like you're the sexiest little thing on the planet. 

Yup, gonna pick me up a pair of La Perla and get my sexy on.  

Oh! And from 3/18 to 4/18,
enter VOG15 at checkout and receive 10% off on full-priced merchandise! Be sure to tag #MyLaPerlaStyle if you take any pics because I wanna seee what you guys got ! :)

I had some fun and played around with their new collection to make a moodboard below :D

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