April 23, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Wild Fang

 Their insta is pretty cool

Petals & Peacocks Vintage Black Tomboy Tank

Mista Black Pandora Buckle Boot

 Sanctuary Black and White Crop Sweatshirt


Your search for badass tomboy attire ends here. I remember first seeing Wild Fang a year ago through following a blogger who showed up in a video of theirs. I was like, WHOA!, this brand seems epically cool and dove right into their site like a mad man.

I just love the style so much, obviously. I don't think I've ever told you all but growing up I would wear my older brother's hand me downs. I'd go to school in over sized Nautica and Nike shirts and things like that. I'd always brush my hair back into a bun and was happy to keep on doing so until my mom sorta "talked" to me about how I shouldn't dress that way lol

Well now I do what I want Mommm ha ha, and I choose to be a little rascal. I really haven't changed, and with Wild Fang I never have to.

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