April 21, 2014

Chained and Cuffed

Top: Free People ~ Pants: Love Culture ~  Boots: Dolce Vita ~ Jewelry: F21, Fossil, Vintage

I have to say the weather this weekend was amazing. It sort of made me wish I had a dog to play frisbee with at a park or something. Or just some fat lazy cat that I could cuddle with on a blanket under a tree while reading a book. The cat wouldn't need to wander too far and it'd be sleepy and lazy like me....

Yeah I'm just being random and writing silly things. 

I'd like to hear from you silent readers out there... 

What did you think of last nights episode of Game of Thrones? Little finger is up to something I think, and boy howdy Tyrion is going to have to use that clever mouth to get out of this one! And oh my god the Lannister sex scene?!?!? My cousin had me dying in laughter because he said Jaime was tugging on the sheet Joffrey was laying on, and it looked like he was pulling Joffrey off the table for a family threesome. I know that was sooooo bad, but hey, I thought it was really funny. That's just my sense of humor I guess.

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