April 16, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Poler Stuff

All images by Poler Stuff

Do you believe in a soul brand? It’s this bright and special connection where your mind and heart sorta glow because you’ve finally found one another. There are tons of brands I love but with Poler Stuff…..well we sorta have something special.

I first met them through Tumblr and if you follow me on there you’ll see I reblog them just about every day. Their pictures cover breathtaking vistas and epic adventures. I just…they’re so awesome. I want everything they offer which is that carefree wanderlust lifestyle across the globe I long for.

What? Oh sorry, I was just daydreaming about hiking the Appalachian Mountains in my Poler Stuff gear. 

If you aren’t as pumped and excited looking at their pics as I am then you have no soul! Ha ha….(thinks about Poler Stuff)

(loving sigh)

p.s. And nope, they didn't even pay me to say this. I guess love just makes you do crazy things... :)

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