April 7, 2014

Pine Rockland

Top: Vintage ~ Pants: Old Navy ~ Socks: Target $2! ~ Boots: Matisse ~ Jewelry: F21 and vintage

I am really digging this hair cut. I never thought I’d like my hair this short but I am sorta in love with it now. Anyhoo, I’m twirling and having fun in nature as usually and after these pics were taken I had the bright idea to walk down a seemingly endless path into the woods on a really hot afternoon. I regretted it almost immediately, especially considering I left my water in my car and had no idea what direction I was going in, but I was sorta too far along the trail to turn back....

I was at Owaissa Baeur by the way, and their property is immense, and there are forks in the trail at every turn so it’s pretty easy to get lost. I made it back okay, but drenched in sweat  with a healthy reminder that I should plan ahead if I plan to walk on trails. This is a friendly reminder from Smokey the Bear.

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