May 21, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Casper + Pearl

All images by Casper + Pearl

I remember Casper + Pearl was one of the first "boutique" brands I'd come across when I first got into this whole fashion blogging and having an opinion on things journey to Neverland I'm on.

I loved how'd their collection seemed girly and feminine but had a teaspoon of bad assness in it. It's like when you see a quiet girl in class who never speaks up, but little things about her spark your interest, like the way she always writes in cursive with red ink or how when she does speak up her thoughts blow you away or how nuanced her style is. I'm sorta describing the way I hope people think of me lol

The point I'm trying to make is, they have mastered subtle grittiness. If I'm honest it's quintessential soft grunge.

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