May 14, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Scotch and Soda

All images from Scotch and Soda

So it was about a year ago I found myself at another Sunday BBQ at the Standard, enjoying myself in the afternoon sun and laughing with my buddies. I'd spotted this pretty girl arm in arm with a very well dressed boy and the twosome were dressed so cute! I sorta couldn't keep my eyes off them. Little did I know they were friends of a friend and after chatting to them I found out they worked at Scotch and Soda.

I'd never heard of them at the time, but knew it must be as awesome as they looked. And they were really cool peeps too. Turns out my happy assumption was right! Scotch and Soda corners the "Amsterdam Couture" market, which basically means their looks are that sort of eclectic chic style that just screams "I'm a creative! I make my own rules!"

Yep, they're pretty rad. And most definitely worth checking out :)

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