May 8, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Steven Alan

Button Placket Dress by Pomandere

Dulcet Stand Collar Blouse by NO. 6

Luca Print Jumpsuit by O'2nd

Leather cuff by Lizzy Disney

Arrow head necklace by Bailey Hunter Robinson

Inga Sleevless Trench by Steven Alan
I love to daydream about beautiful pieces of clothing or shoes I'd buy if my wallet were but a bit heavier...and I know the exact place my newly minted self would love to visit. Steven Alan is where I imagine young 30-somethings that are clean rebellious types like to shop.

They're the type of people who like things tailored and neat but never forfeit their urban ruggedness, always holding true to these sensibilities through the details, be it sleek leather cuffs, patent shoes and sleeveless trench coats. It's that uptown devil may care sorta attitude.

I'm calling it the 'We're Going Places' aesthetic.

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