May 28, 2014

// H&M // Opening Summer Fun

I'm so pumped to share some great news! H&M is opening up a brand new location at Miami International Mall (cue squeals of joy/fork clattering to floor/random dog barks)!

I know, I know what you're thinking...but Anais I need all of the information about this opening RIGHT NOW, all of it, in my brain, this instant, no fooling around. Well, that's why I made this handy little flyer for you guys.

Just head on over to Miami International Mall this Thursday, May 29th starting at 12pm to win prizes and goodies! And some fun facts to dish out while being first in line; H&M is the first fashion company to roll out a global garment recycling program. They're also one of the largest retailers to use organic cotton and plan on only using organic cotton or better cotton in all of its collections by 2020. (yay)

So if you and your buddies bring some donated pieces (from any brand) on Thursday H&M will give you a high five and hand ya a 15% off voucher for each bag of donated clothes PLUS you'll be entered to win H&M gift cards ($50-$100, say what?! I know).

So really all people will doing all day at H&M is cards, vouchers, love for donating clothes and of course sexy Summer self confidence from all the cute dresses and skirts in their S/S '14 collection.

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