May 27, 2014

// Teva // Are You #Ready2Roo ?

This post brought to you by Teva. All opinions are 100% mine.

Inside every person is an adventurous spirit but sometimes we need a push in the right direction to let that wild adventurer out. That's where Teva comes in! They actually created their original sandals to bring people closer to the outdoors. They're all about introducing you to your wanderlust inner self. How awesome is that?!

When these babies are strapped onto your feet, you'll feel free to wander and get a little lost in the wonderland around you, who knows, that might be at a music festival. Teva happens to be the official footwear sponsor for the Bonnaroo Music Festival !

I've teamed up with them to give you guys the best music festival tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your trip!

The first tip is to never wear a romper. Why?! Well think about spending a glorious fun-filled day lounging out in the sun, jumping in the air with your Teva’s on listening to your favorite band, drinking beer after beer in the grass until suddenly, you gotta whizz! You rush into the porter potty and realize….rompers are not your friend.

Tip numero dos is to bring a portable charger that will give your gadgets juice three times over so the party never has to stop… and the instapics can keep flowing.

Tip three is pretty obvious but it’s also pretty important! Bring body wipes, hand sanitizer and dry shampoo people. After all that craziness you still wanna feel fresh so you can do it all over again. Especially if there’s rain and mud involved.

Yay! You’re officially trained up for Bonnaroo (or any festival really)! You guys can pick up these essential festival footwear at Zappos. Just slip them on and become part of the global Teva tribe of adventurers.

Check out more tips at The Fountain And be sure to share your festival own tips and tricks using #ready2roo !

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