June 11, 2014


This video changed my life. It did. It just changed my life a few seconds ago and now I'm considering becoming a video game copywriter because of it. 

How CAN I write story lines for video games? How can I start writing tv spots and do advertising or marketing or just plain 'ol scriptwriting for the game industry?! 

I grew up on video games. With an older brother and only boy cousins I spent many a Summer/Weeknights/Every Nights on the carpet in front of a blaring tv. I swear it's part of the reason I've got an over-active imagination...

But can you imagine sitting around with a bunch of cool people, creating a story thousands upon thousands of people will get lost in. Sitting there with your fellow gamers and trying to think up what where the hero will do next. 

And then you give people the chance to live it, and actually jump into these stories and these lives and it becomes an epically rich experience. There's no doubt the reason it's so addictive is because it's life without limits, because it's alternate realities comes to life and because with just a push of the start button we get to travel there. 

Wanna be a game industry copywriturrrrr y'all.

Update: Have you seen images/video of the new game Ori and the Blind Forest? It looks soooo amazing! I really want it. God, it's breathtakingly gorgeous. You basically help Ori solve the mysteries of the dying forest while escaping from the evil clutches of Kuro, the dark owl.

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