June 16, 2014

// Tunage // Psychedelic Dance Party

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You know those songs you listen to on repeat so much your computer runs out of breath? This weekend it was all about Lemonade's Neptune. 

It's 3 am and I'm soo into their discography right now! And ummm how amazing was that GoT finale?! Pretty damn awesome. I felt so bad about the dragon burning that guy's daughter, and oh my gosh I couldn't believe that Tyrion killa scene, wasn't expecting that. I actually think Jaime planned it out so he can rule with his "sister bae."

Ah! What else? I totally called that Aria going to Bravos thing. I was wondering for the longest when she'd finally use that coin. And ermehgerd the Bran scene!! I can't wait. I think I'll be reading the entire series because that world by the red tree looks amazing :D

Going to lay down and pretend to sleep now. I've got so many errands to run the next two weeks before I head to Brooklyn for the rest of the summa summa summa timeee! :}

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