June 5, 2014


I know a lot of us are going au natural these days but for those of us who like to keep freshly shaven I've got a surprise for you! 

I was on Facebook the other day and saw a few of my friends liked this page called Dollar Shave Club. I was curious and clicked on the page and found out about this amazing brand.

First off, they are funny as hell. I love their quirky videos showing the owner doing crazy funny stunts and gags at their facility. Lots of laughs there, but best of all are the prices for fresh razors sent to your door on a weekly basis! I'm talking $4 a month and you will always have your areas looking baby smoooth. (nods yep)

Second off, there is no second off. Just go buy yourself some razors and quit the hassle of shaving with semi rusty razors. I hate having to remember to buy them, I'm so glad this service is offered to help the lazy kids like me ha ha

And now...random shaving gifs and pics for your enjoyment!

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