July 9, 2014

Space Age Make Up

I don't really wear that much makeup but when I do I want it to be something that's uniquely flattering to me. I'm talking about tailoring and customizing colors so it's the perfect shade for Anais :)

I think that's something we all want. And now we can get it.

Mink is a 3D makeup printer that allows you to PRINT YOUR OWN MAKEUP people! How rad is that. It basically allows you to color grab from any image you want, then the Mink duplicates that color selection and applies it to a base for any type of makeup (i.e. lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow, blush, etc.).
What does this mean? High pigment and concentrated colors for all your makeup right at home. Yes. It's okay if your jaw dropped. Just pick it up and watch the video.

Sephora has teamed up with virtual reality technology company ModiFace to launch a mirror that willl simulate how make-up will look on a person’s face in both real time and 3D.

The unique technology will be able to track your facial features and ‘apply’ eye shadow to your face via a camera’s video stream. What’s even cooler is that you’ll be able to see how the make-up looks on you from all angles, just by turning your face, like you would with a normal mirror!

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