September 17, 2014

Park Park

Top: Mens H&M ~ Shorts: Ladkah ~ Socks: Target ~ Shoes: Urban Outfitters ~ Hat: Vans

Heyyyyyy guys! Long time no see lol I've been in my little cave toiling away at work and just finished up the quarter at ad school so that's what I've been up to. Happy to be back and doing more of what I love.

I realized that for me what I love best about being a blogger isn't necessarily the events (which are awesome and you get swag and all that) or the brand collaborations (which are also very awesome) but putting my creativity to the work every time I go out and shoot.

For me I'm having the most fun when I have to find a cool little secret spot to shoot in. Scouting is a lot of fun no matter what city I'm in. I guess it's my excuse to go out and explore without pretense. It gives me a reason to adventure and discover whatever is around me. I know I'm not being as eloquent as I usually am which is okay I guess because I am sitting on the couch in my onesie pajama with a cute little pup dozing awayyy next to me. His name is Zizek (pronounce jee jek). He's my roomate's pup and I love him and Zizek loves me.

It's nice to come home and have someone so excited to see me all the time yay! Umm..yeah, missing my roomies in Brooklyn but excited to be back in Miami. Let's see, what other updates should I share? Maybe that I'll be working with Skechers on an upcoming featured post! Y A Y. way yay. Keep a lookout for that. It's meant to be a Fall Style inspiration post but it's so hot in Miami, so I'll try my best to make it NOT look like I'm sweating balls while shooting that.

Missed y'all and glad to be back in action.

p.s. some of the pics were grainy and i did my best to fix em up, blahhhhh . ok byeeee

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