December 13, 2014

Stress Free With // ClassPass //

With school, multimedia projects and Art Basel just ending....I've been feeling drained to say the least. In my search for a balanced lifestyle I've started making some changes. I'm eating healthier for a start, which you might've seen on my instagram or vine.

But finding the perfect mind + body balance is tricky. That's why I'm so psyched to team up with ClassPass for a month membership!

ClassPass is easy. One pass = Unlimited classes. 

A 1-month membership gets you unlimited classes at participating studios or gyms in your area! There's 45+ participating locations in Miami alone, offering anything from yoga to dance to strength training! So yes, you can bounce around town taking as many classes as you please (limit 3 at the same place/month so just switch up the location for endless options). I know, so awesome.

Jess from ClassPass suggested I take a yoga or meditation class to relieve some stress, so that's exactly what I'm going to do ;) Follow my incorrect yoga postures on my ig if you'd like a laugh, or if you wanna cheer me on! I'll be at it all month long.

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