February 16, 2015


Nothing beats the Tuesday blues like a cool film with some friends. And speaking of friends, isn't it funny how every group is made up of more of less the same types? A hottie, a daredevil, a clueless one, a clever one and a jokester. Mix and match as you please.

But have you ever heard of a DUFF before? A DUFF is a designated ugly fat friend. I sorta winced when I first heard it, but it's not like high school is getting any easier right?

The Duff seems like a cool flick and the trailer seems pretty funny. (I'll post it down below) And surprise I've got free tickets for you guys. (10 tickets total, each admit two) + you get to watch it this Tuesday, February 17th @ Paragon Grove, before the film releases in theaters on Friday!


In high school I was the artsy nerdo that ate lunch in empty classrooms with my fave teachers and acted out Harry Potter books. I dressed wacky and changed my style almost everyday and definitely wasn't the popular girl. My group of friends were as diverse as they were amazing. But I know it's not like that for everyone.

And really it doesn't even matter what label people try to put on you. What matters is whether you decide to play the role people force you into, and this is completely up to you. I for one think you're awesome as you are dude.

(just throw in a Duff beer joke if anyone tries to use it on you)

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