June 13, 2015

Dream Den

Hey! Long time no see huh? :) I've been soo busy with my move to Bushwhack and my new job and classes that my poor little blog baby got lost in the shuffle, but now I'm back!

I'm planning on rolling out all the images that are on my camera, which are currently the ones in Miami and plan on adventuring around the entire state and capturing every bit of it, so stay tuned for that.

LIFE UPDATES: I really like my new job. I work at an ad agency with a fashion focus and high end clients. It's a lot of fun because I'm basically styling shoots and casting models. There's really no down side to that right haha

I have a gorgeous, I mean jaw dropping beautiful apartment in bushwick :D It's two floors open exposed brick and modern aesthetic heaven. Once everything is in tip top shape (I wager a month or so) I'll do an official apartment tour to show you guys our lovely space.

I have 3 roommates who are super cool. One of them is one of my greatest friends from Miami so that makes things light and fun at the apartment (code name: Dream Den)

I've been so exhausted after my 10-hour work day!!! No jokes, I need to pace myself I guess. I haven't really been going out as much as I would like. I need to find a work-life balance so I can go to work, still go out and have fun, AND have time for my creative projects. I'm an organization freak so maybe I'll just google calendar the hell outta my life for now until I find a natural rhythm and don't have to rely on it. :) Yes, that sounds like a good plan.

I miss having a doggie or puppy in the house to greet me and be happy all the time, but other than that everything is in a happy place at the moment, so no complaints!

Okay, I just wanted to unload and catch you all up with my life! I know no one really reads these posts, everyone is on my instagram, snapchat and tumblr watching me (yes I see the numbers people) which makes this a safe zone to truly have no filters and not hold back. I write literally whatever pours outta my brain. Okay so it's like 1pm on Saturday and I haven't eaten so yeah, I'm gonna go do THAT, and maybe go to a queer comic book con :)

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