June 15, 2015

Evol 51

I'm currently on my comfy bed listening to Newtown Radio, which is a local online radio station I just found and really like. They musics spans a lot of genres and all the hosts seem to know a lot about what they're playing. I didn't realize I'd been missing the local music scene until I started listening to them.

Now I'm wondering if I have time in my week/end to maybe host a show. I'll have to give it some thought because I'd wanna spin something new since I always stick to classic chillwave.

Anyhoo, I have a couple of events this week that seem like fun. First up is with a brand called ManServants....yep you read that right. Supposedly it's a slew of hot boys who are at your beck and call. So, I'm gonna check it out with a few friends and see how it goes. Then I think there's the Rebecca Minkoff Resortwear press preview on Tuesday so I'd like to check that out.

Keep an eye out for pics from these events on my insta, snapchat and tumblr. :) Later kids

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