June 22, 2015

Misty Afternoon

It's been so rainy in NY lately. I'm not used to random cold snaps and rain in the Summer, I'm from Miami people! I'm used to swamp air with mosquitoes and frizzy hair. These are the Summers I'm used too.

I went to the Mermaid Parade this weekend which was really fun! All the beautiful costumes and creativity. Afterwards I hung out on Coney Island and went to check out the Freak Show which was amazingggg. My computer wanted to autocorrect how many g's I added at the end of amazing, but I mean every last one of them. This may sound thirsty but every performer is crazy attractive and talented, like each one of them is an amazing performance artist and I enjoyed every minute of the half hour show where the audience went crazy. I just started and screamed and went crazy with the crowd the whole time.

I also ate a lot of corn dogs, empanadas and cotton candy, but I'm sure you guys saw all the fun on my instagram and snapchat ;)

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