August 31, 2015

// Albertine Shoes // Ur Sole Search Stops Here

Not too long ago I was standing in my room, cursing to the heavens while packing for my trip to Miami to see my family and friends. My bags were full of clothes, camera equipment and random things but one thing was missing: a second pair of shoes. There wasn't enough time to figure it out so I left frustrated and flew off with a single pair of black suede loafers. If only I'd known and owned a pair of Albertine Shoes, it would've been a whole other story.

Albertine shoes are like the Transformers of the shoe world. You can literally transform a single pair into seemingly endless options because the heel and platform are detachable. DETACHABLE people! They offer plenty of lovely options to choose from too, which they say adds up to 3600 combinations. Yep, I was shocked too.

Oh, you don't believe me? Well take a look at their video to see how Transformer-like these shoes really are!

Alessandra Alberta Chiolo came up with the idea for module built shoes to give modern women, always running between work and free time, the chance to change their look with ease. Tks bb! I could definitely use a pair of these...especially since 1 pair = 3600 ;)

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