August 7, 2015

// U by Kotex // #BRINGCOMFYBACK

Summer in the city means arriving to work with sweat-congealed clothes, trips on the train next to moist armpits and children running around and crashing into you while eating all things melty and drippy. It almost seems impossible to go through your day and come out feeling fresh and comfy, almost, if it weren't for U by Kotex pantyliners.

Take it from someone who has OCD tendencies when it comes to cleanliness, I like need to stay fresh. I literally cannot function or concentrate on what I need to do if I'm not feeling comfortable. I've been known to take umpteen showers a day to achieve this unearthly 24/7 fresh feeling.

I know some people might have hang ups about wearing pantyliners (if they're not on their period) but U by Kotex pantyliners are super discrete, soft and comfy. I'm all about putting my comfort and peace of mind first so these are totally a win for me! I get to feel nice, fresh and clean all day long which leads to a boost in my mood and happiness! Yay!

So bring it on Summer, kids with icees and sweaty people of the city. I'm soo ready for ya ;D

Oh! I almost forgot! You guys can get a free sample pack (with 4 liners!) by checking out


This post is sponsored by U by Kotex®, but my love for their panty liners is all my own!

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