January 11, 2016

// Burt's Bees // Lip Love

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
It's really rare for me to write reviews for beauty products since my focus is usually on fashion and lifestyle brands. So that's why you know I must really love Burt's Bees new line of lipsticks if I'm writing about it! One thing I take seriously when it comes to any products I put on my skin or body is making sure there are natural ingredients.

It's such an important step before any of my skincare or beauty product purchase! You probably already know this but just in case you need a refresher, Burt's Bees products are 100% Natural and the ingredients in their new lipsticks are too; Moringa, Raspberry Seed Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E - Moringa oil is full of essential fatty acids and helps to soften and condition skin, while Raspberry seed oil improves skin elasticity, keeping your lips feeling lovely.

You can pick up these pretty babies are Available at Target , even their online store. They offer 14 different full coverage shades that have a gorgeous satin-finish. They made my lips feels super hydrated and moisturized and they say that luscious feeling last for 8 hours, which is a must-have in this winter weather!

I'm in love with the creamy lightweight feel and have been throwing them in my purse for on the go moisture and pop of color. Finally, a lipstick that loves you back.

And the perfect outfit to go with these lovely shades? Here’s a few outfits I’d put together based on my favorite shades;

With their Juniper Water shade, which is a rich dark purple/eggplant color, I’d wear something to balance that deep color by wearing neutrals or something that’s a lighter tone. I imagine I’d wear a beige or bone colored turtle neck with some light grey high waisted jeans or camel colored overalls with some neutral colored boots. My goal is to always balance colors, shades and palettes so that a look isn’t monotoned.

With their Scarlet Soaked shade, which is the most gorgeous ruby red color, I’d go for a classic all black look. The secret about pulling off an all black outfit is to wear different fabrics and cuts. That’s what really makes all black outfits pop. I’d probably layer a few cashmere and fuzzy black sweaters with different necklines underneath a nice black leather jacket. I’d pair that with some simple high waisted black jeans and some sleek black boots. Can you tell boots are my thing? haha! This all black look will look awesome and really bring out that pop of color you’d get with the Scarlet Soaked shade. 

With their Suede Splash shade, which is the perfect neutral everyday color, I’d go a strong jewel tone outfit. I’d most likely wear a deep forest green or emerald colored sweater with my favorite Madewell ruby red pants. I’d pair those with my navy or sapphire colored coat and some black leather boots. When you wear these dark jewel tones together they look amazing, but you don’t want to add anymore color than that, because it’ll be too much! That’s why the Suede Splash is the perfect shade for a look like this. It balances it all to give you a fresh but adventurous look.

Oh, and I'd love to hear about your favorite beauty tips for the new year!? Sharing is caring y'all so share those tips and tricks. And be sure to follow Burt's Bees on Twitter and Instagram at @burtsbees. Visit Sponsors Site

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